China’s Advanced Technology

In China, they have all kinds of mind-blowing, cutting-edge technology that will seriously blow your mind and leave none of your edges unscathed. I encountered one such example today. In my hotel, the main door is, somehow, and I know this sounds crazy, invisible. Not only is it invisible, it is revolving, which will throw your senses all for a loop. Unfortunately, what this tends to do is cause confusion for poor unknowing foreigners who discover these invisible revolving doors quite by accident, usually by utilizing such means as, let’s say, the forehead, which, if you were wondering, does in fact make a very loud noise upon contacting aforementioned invisible glass revolving door, and this loud noise  absolutely does reverberate throughout the entire hotel lobby, silencing all chatter and attracting the eyes and attention of everyone present, foreigners and Chinese both, who behold a slightly stunned American blinking his eyes, looking around, and ashamedly speed-walking away from the scene.



2 responses to “China’s Advanced Technology”

  1. haha, watch out for the invisible door in China.

  2. Glad you are sharing life with the rest of us boring Americans! Love you.

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