A Tour of the Home Base

yes, this post is for mum. it’s a tour of my apartment, where i’ve been the last few months.

you’ve arrived at the 37th floor! getting close to my door!






here it is! my door! it’s already open! yes, it is mostly a hotel room.







walkin in! yep. mostly a hotel room. it’s a bathroom on the right, a kitchen area on the left, and the bed straight ahead.






my kitchen area. i don’t cook much. i don’t get along with the microwave. there’s a hot plate i use from time to time, though it’s all in chinese. i use it for hard-boiled eggs and bok choi.




the bathroom. i’m standing in the shower. i have a washing machine, which is awesome. of everything it can probably do, i consistently use just one setting. but, this seems to work agreeably with the laundry; it smells nicer afterwards than it does when i put it in, which i suppose is the primary metric for success in a washing machine.






my room! suitcase on the ground, still packed. you can see the bike a friend left me on the opposite side of the bed.






the closet area. i put things like clothes and shoes inside.






this is my bed. i don’t move much when i sleep, so the right side is usually full of stuff like books or laundry or mounds of candy. the bed pretty much makes up the entire space.









yes, i randomly have an unnecessarily large tv. there is also a little fridge which usually smells funny.







this is the balcony. when it is warm, it is a wonderful place. this is especially true after my amazing girlfriend gave me the hammock which you can just make out in the picture. faintly you can see the skyline of people’s square in the left half (the purple building top and the white outlined building) and on the right you can see the pudong side of the bund, which is where the river divides the city. on clear nights i go to the roof of the building, and you can see everything. if i remember anything about this home base, it will be nights spent eating skewers from my favorite street food artist out here on the balcony, watching the lights and thinking, content.

so that’s it. now you know a bit about where i live. should’ve done this before i only had two weeks left in the place!


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