The feeling when you jump, and your stomach floats up, smiling…

Who told you that silly story?

Oh, Soul, it does delight me so, to see you enveloped in mirth. 

There is a lightness of which we don’t partake too much these days.

There is a sweetness in that lightness. It reminds me of those

(perhaps this is painfully obvious)

Most common aestival things, like the breezes, and certain nights with fireworks

And the food we used to weigh down empty bellies suspended from full hearts.

There is a certain smell to those memories. 

(They’re very olfactory, memories are.)

Let’s pause, for dramatic effect.

(feel the massive weight of a pause)

(feel the force of suspense)

(encapsulated in one moment – this potential is infinite)

(for, truly, anything could follow)

(let’s expect the profound.)

(let’s DEMAND it, in this silent pause!)

(but wait… in this pause, there is)

(a nervous hesitation)

(as sometimes happens in that space after the exclamation point)

(we are calmly jilted)

(for nothing can live up to what could be.)

(until, of course, something does.)

(in doing so it makes a mockery of your silly expectation:)

(is that really all you can ask and imagine?)

(i will do exceedingly, abundantly more)

(and you will rejoice in wonder, a jubilee!)

Turns out this was never something you could force.

Storms just come, as does sunshine, no?

Sometimes, storms come just before?


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