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A beautiful thing,

it is indeed,

to read between the lines;

to discover a message

meant just for you,

hidden between the lines.


No taunt nor jeer,

nor rust nor grime,

can ruin what you’ll find;

no dust of time

nor doubts in your mind

can obscure what’s between the lines.


Wonders to discover,

treasures to recover

yours, between the lines.

As in the streets of Hong Kong

these enigmas belong

hidden, between the lines.


Incline your ear now and then

(if you’d like to hear it again);

a murmur, between the lines.

A cup and a string

a message will bring;

a whisper, between the lines.


When word cannot reach you

nor lyric beseech you,

I’ll carry on, between the lines.

And if nothing goes through

(for my aim is untrue),

yet, I’ll abide;

here, between the lines.


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