There are several thought-seeds from the last few weeks. They began very small and have been growing. They are something along the lines of:

1) A sense of this feeling right; that there are good things coming; that it is truly providential, being here. Especially when walking outside, or seeing the skyline, or walking through the forests, there are moments which make me think, just for an instant, that I am remembering or being reminded of something which is very dear to me, but the feeling passes quickly, not unlike deja vu. It is a curious thing.

2) An undercurrent of affection for this city. An enduring interest… attraction… intrigue. The feeling, strangely enough, is not unlike that one which happens when you realize with a start, terrified but butterflies-excited, ‘Oh. I… really like this girl. Umm… whoa.’ Like that, but in the sense of really starting to like a city.

3) Building a life here, and the idea of being okay with and even excited about that. That this city, Hong Kong, is a place to let my guard down a bit, exhale, settle into something, stop living with one foot out of the door. A few weeks ago, a friend at work told me:

“You can’t sleep on the floor forever. You’re not a gypsy, moving around all the time.”

He’s absolutely right, I think with a sigh. It is time to grow up.

I’m buying a bed.



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