How vain is the exercise of intellect apart from the seeking of God, divorced from that light by which the children of men see! How silly it is! For He is the only one ‘in whose light we see light’, the only one in whom there are mysteries and treasures endless, who possesses surpassing knowledge and wisdom beyond measure. To reason, apart from Him, is more vain than to imagine a hamster will run a marathon in his wheel; he is working and toiling, yes, but he will go nowhere. For truly, all truth which we can examine is His, whether in word or echo, from seed to root to trunk to leaf to flower to seed, and will always be His independent from our acknowledging of his ownership of it. How beautiful you are, Christ, ‘in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge’; you are the only one who will never run out, who will never cease to satisfy, who will never lack a new wonder or mystery or beauty to behold!


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