The Street Man in Amsterdam

“You won’t find me on stages, in front of the crowds. You won’t find me in bars, under a wash of smoky light. Those places, those contexts, are meant for other people, other characters. But look for me after the show… look for me at the end of the night… down the empty roads, by the light of candles, with eyes closed (to better see, or, to listen), that is where you will find me. I will be the one to play this music when the rest of the world has long gone and moved on to the next stop; I will be the one to sing of lost causes with you, if you wish; I will be the one to find music, in the stillness; I will be the one, if you desire, to point you towards heaven. You may chase the noise, the pounding beats, the flashing lights or the red ones, the allure of it all, but the anthem, that which you long to sing, is not there; in fact, in everything else, it will be stilled. But, here, in the quiet surrounded by noise, dearly alone while in the midst of the bustling crowds, I can give you a piece of it. I know but a small echo – it is not much – but I will show it to you nonetheless, and it will stick in your mind, and you will never forget until the days pass away and the end of the age is upon us that, by a single shard of an echo of a heaven song, everything was changed, forever.”


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