Breaking the fourth wall – what a fantastic idea! Is there incredible wisdom in that, in the many possibilities of what it could be seen as?

1) Making a mockery (in some sense) of Story, which authors work so hard to craft. Is that one of the pinnacle’s of an author’s wisdom, to mock their own creation? If breaking that unwritten rule, that one should separate audience and story, is a mockery, what does it reveal? Does it show the story to be inferior to the point which the author wishes to express?

2) Revealing the wisdom of the author in declaring to the audience that they themselves are an inseparable part of the very story which they, moments prior, believed themselves only to be observing. Much wisdom can flow to the audience from the contemplation of this declaration. Do the observers become characters, or do the characters transcend fiction and, in gazing toward truth, become equals to those who observe their play in silence?

2b) Does this mock the audience? The character reveals her awareness of her own fictionality – this can be used in several ways. Does she tell them, You believed yourselves only to be observing a story. Ha! I have been making observations on you instead, and have shown you something of what you are!

3) What question is meant to be asked in all of this?

What potential there is!


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