Psalm 143

God, I hope you can hear me.

Please listen close, ’cause I can barely whisper as I ask you for mercy.

Answer me, out of how faithful you are, and out of how good you are.

Please don’t judge me, your servant, ’cause there’s nobody alive who can stand up before you.


The enemy has pursued my soul, and my life has been crushed into the ground.

I feel like I’ve been sitting in darkness, like somebody long since dead.

After all this, my spirit is weak inside me.

My heart can’t take any more, and its beat is just a murmur.


I remember the old times, and I think about all I’ve seen you do.

I ponder the good, beautiful things you have made.

I’m stretching my hands out to you now.

My soul is thirsting to death, like I’ve been lost in the desert, and you are the only thing which can bring me life.


Answer fast, God, ’cause honestly, I’m weary and I can’t go on much longer.

Don’t leave me alone here, or I’m no better than someone blindly speeding straight off the final precipice.

Let the morning come and tell me of your love, which never, ever fails or gives up on me.

Because, in spite of it all, it’s in you that I trust.

Make my stubborn, foolish heart know the way I should go,

‘Cause I’m pretty much just falling backwards into you.


Save me from all this darkness, God, ’cause I’m running to you for help.

Teach me how to do this, all that you want me to do,

Because you are the one I love and want to follow!

Let your Spirit come down and lead me to some solid and level ground.


God, because of how good your name is, save my life.

In your goodness, get me out of this mess – I’m at the bottom and I can’t get out.

In your love, which never, ever fails or gives up on me, you will destroy the dark around me,

All the dark within and without which wars against my soul.

For no matter how far I fall, or stray, or run,

No matter how dark it gets, or how hard the bottom is when it hits,

I am yours, and I will go to none other.


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