What I Have Been Doing at Work for the Last Year+

My new supervisor is sending out an announcement to the region soon that my role within Haworth has changed, and she asked me for a few snippets of my history with Haworth. I thought it would be a good chance to let the family know what I’ve been up to! There have been a few different roles over the last year and change:

  • began in Shanghai as a Sales Intern in August ’11. Highlight was working the China Open and the Shanghai Masters tennis tournaments
  • became Client Experience Executive in October ’11 overseeing Lunch n Learns with architects and designers, organizing events with the creative and design community in Shanghai, engaging with HaworthxFriends partners
  • transitioned to A&D Manager and relocated to Hong Kong in April ’12, engaging architects and designers in the market, building relationships, organizing L&Ls, Knowledge Series events, Haworth parties
  • and, now, transitioning to Assistant Alliance Manager on the HaworthxFriends team in October ’12, liaising between our sales offices in the Asia Pacific & Emerging Markets region (China/Hong Kong, Australia, India, Latin America, Singapore/Malaysia, Japan/Korea/Taiwan) and our xFriends partners (in the UK, Shanghai, and New Zealand currently), supporting requests from all over the region, getting experience on website work and InDesign.

I wanted this to be my announcement picture, but, unfortunately, request denied!


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