This Month:  Things That Happened

Twitter moves to punish next user caught inventing a hashtag inspired by Brexit
After a slew of increasingly stupid hashtags inspired by Brexit threatened to overwhelm Twitter’s airwaves, the company has proposed violent, graphic punishment to be exacted upon the next users to create Brexit-inspired hashtags. Opponents called for a mass Twexxit…


Monday looking to raise awareness of her ‘sunny side’
Widely reviled in most of the world as the ‘worst’ day of the week, Monday has upped efforts in recent months to stem the weekly onslaught of negative public attacks. Task forces in key cities are sharing the many ‘sunny’ elements of Monday with anyone who will listen. Critics contend that choosing to raise awareness of Monday on Mondays was not the wisest of tactical decisions, as Mondays are objectively terrible…


Recent BBC poll shows that ‘Weather’ is still the top ranked topic of conversation
For the 2,464th year running, ‘Weather’ has again been listed as one of the preferred topics of human conversation, narrowly beating out ‘Sports’ and ‘Flavours of Soup’…


‘Email’ listed as preferred weapon for waging bitter war in workplaces
The most violent and bitter battlefield currently known to man is widely considered to be that of the traditional office, where Email is wielded to devastating effect. Sticks, stones, and hurtful words have fallen out of favor as the weapon of choice for employees seeking to one-up, deride, or belittle their coworkers…


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  1. Hi Alex,

    I’ve been missing your satire.

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