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Workplace wellness tip #1:  Release live tigers at random


Nothing helps someone pop up out of their workstation and make time for that elusive jog than the announcement that a live tiger or two has just been released somewhere in their office.

You wouldn’t believe how hungry tigers can get, and you definitely wouldn’t believe how scary they are in person. I mean, those things are huge. And they’re like, really, really fast.

We recommend releasing them just as a couple of people get up to go to the restroom at once, because there’s nothing tigers love more than a bit of ‘who’ll gets there first’. Plus, for humans, racing a coworker while being pursued by a hungry predator is class-A exercise.

It’s not only hilarious, it’s healthy.

Healthy, healthy fun, for humans AND tigers!





Helpful suggestions for Wellness in the modern workspace


Encouraging wellness in the workplace is a growing trend that we welcome with open arms here at Hablando Solo. One of the best ways to improve the overall wellness of a workspace is to encourage the employees of said workspace to move. No matter how inspiring your views, how ergonomic your furniture, or how healthy your air, no workspace is healthy if the people inside it are lethargic all day.

This week, we have compiled a list of several helpful workplace suggestions to help you use your physical office as a tool to nudge your employees toward satisfying and edifying levels of personal fitness.

And yes, we avidly practice what we rabidly preach. Our offices are outfitted with every single one of the ‘completely hypothetical ideas’ that we will share with you, and we have never been in better shape in our lives. Each of our employees will proudly tell you that every day at our office is one non-stop, heart-rending, hair-raising, fire-blowing, nerve-searing parade of terror, and since everyone knows that no office is complete if it doesn’t include at least three to five things that may kill you on any given day of the week (and eight to ten things that may kill you on Tuesdays), we will maintain that we have the well-est offices this side of the Milky Way.

If anyone begs to differ, they can feel free to drop by for a cordial chat on any Tuesday they like.

Check back tomorrow for the first piece of advice.


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